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Your company is nominated as one of the 100 Most Reputable Companies in the World and will compete for the title of Best Reputation in Reputation Institute's 2012 Global RepTrak™ 100 study.

Get your company's reputation insights before the market!

In early June, Reputation Institute will release the results from the Global RepTrak™ 100 together with Forbes. Prior to the official release, we would like to offer you a chance to understand your company specific results through a phone conversation with one of our reputation experts.

The Global RepTrak™ 100 study measures the reputation of the 100 most highly regarded companies across 15 countries with the general public. The study identifies what it takes to have a strong global reputation and how leading companies are perceived. More than 100,000 interviews are conducted across the largest 15 markets in the world, covering 75% of the global GDP.

The study is conducted in the following 15 markets:

  • Europe: France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain and United Kingdom
  • Asia Pacific: Australia, China, Japan and South Korea
  • North America: United States and Canada
  • Latin America: Brazil and Mexico

Get your company's reputation insights before the market!

About Reputation Institute
Reputation Institute is the world’s leading reputation management consultancy, enabling leaders to make more confident business decisions that build and protect reputational capital and drive competitive advantage. Independently owned and founded in 1997, we operate in 30 countries. We provide best-in-class reputation consulting to empower more confident decision-making, enabling our clients to achieve their corporate objectives. We also disseminate our knowledge, bringing together a global network to leverage extensive research that strengthen relationships and add tangible value through management, growth and protection of corporate reputations.

This is the third annual RepTrak™ 100 study. To view last year's results, please see the 2011 Global RepTrak™ 100 Forbes article and Insights Video below.

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